Pike County Addressing

Requesting a new address

Pike County 911 strives to create and maintain a mapping system with uniformly assigned addresses to provide easy identification in emergencies and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Pike County.

The assigned number needs to be posted near the roadway in front of your house, visible from both directions to make it easier for an ambulance, police, or the fire department to quickly identify your residence.

For those in rural areas, placing the assigned numbers on or near your residence also helps responders locate you faster.

All costs incurred from posting the assigned numbers are the responsibility of the owner.

It is up to the United States Postal Service to identify what your mailing address is and where or how your mail will be delivered. Our 911 Center issues locatable addresses ONLY and has NO control over your mail. For information regarding where you get your mail or how you go about having your mail delivered to your home, contact your local post office.



911 Address Requests

To request an address, please download and complete our Address Request Form and email it to us at addressing@pikemo911.org or stop by our office and pick one a form in person.

911 Address Changes

Press Releases for Pike County Addressing Changes


As Missouri moves forward to implement IP-based Next Generation 911 (NG911) throughout the state, Pike County 911 will be rolling out an addressing improvement project this winter to enhance emergency location and meet the requirements of Next Generation 911 (NG911).

Next Generation 911 features modern location technologies and the ability to route any call from any device to the appropriate 911 center by the location of the caller. A statewide ESI network for emergency communications will make interoperability feasible and provide important backup between 911 centers. To take advantage of these important advances and available grant funding, Pike County 911 will take the fundamental step of improving addressing where it does not meet industry standards or where errors are identified, such as situations where even and odd addresses are found on the same side of the road.

Some 911 and mailing addresses will be changed to ensure that all addresses are logical and locatable. Pike County 911 will work closely with the United States Postal Service and county agencies as addressing is analyzed, verified, and corrected as needed. If an address is changed, the resident or business will be notified by official letter from Pike County 911 and the USPS. The USPS will continue to deliver mail to the former address as well as the new address for twelve months after an addressing change is made, giving Pike County residents and businesses time to update their addresses with correspondents, creditors, and other contacts. Pike 911 will submit all changes to the County Assessor and County Clerk so that billing and voting records remain up to date.

The project will roll out on a ZIP code by ZIP Code basis. Roads currently designated with a private road number will be named, with naming categories designed to help emergency responders. For example, private roads that originate on county roads numbered in the 9200s will be named after trees. County roads will retain their numbers, but each road will be checked to make sure all addresses adhere to the county’s grid system, which increases at 1000 addresses per grid mile, with even and odds on opposite sides of the road. City addressing will be updated to assist with first responders locating an address by ensuring that all addresses are assigned logically and in correct order.

While Pike County 911 understands that address changes are inconvenient, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. While modern 911 call routing and dispatch mapping make critical information available to dispatchers and responders in seconds, responders on the ground still rely on proper, logical addressing to locate emergencies. Pike County has an irregular road network, trees, hills and many areas where cell phones and internet is not available. In these situations, responders rely on their understanding of the addressing system to find specific addresses, especially where house numbers or mailboxes or not marked or where they are hard to read or damaged.

Pike County 911 will begin the readdressing project with the 63459 Zip Code.

Pike County 911 asks for your patience and cooperation during this important project. If you have questions, please contact Pike County 911 at (573) 324-6136 Option 7 or Ext. 3031.

Needed Addressing Information and Requirements

If you need to verify or need a new address assigned, please be prepared to supply three or more of the following:

  • An established driveway is required
  • GPS-enabled photo
  • GPS coordinates of established driveway and structure location
  • Adjacent addresses and their distance and direction in relation to the requested address site
  • Assessor's Property Record or PIN
  • Street location of address request
  • Distance and direction to at least one intersection
  • Distance of site off main road

Addressing Questions

How do I get GPS coordinates?

Please see our guide HERE.

Why can't I find my address on Google or commercial GPS devices?

Pike Country 911 has current mapping and GIS data readily available for these companies to retrieve, free of charge. It is the responsibility of those agencies to update their databases with our provided information. If you have additional questions, please contact the customer service department of the corresponding agency.

Why did my address change?

There are a multitude of reasons that your address may change, but all of those reasons ultimately lead to ensuring public safety. Our subject matter experts review GIS data to provide a consistent addressing standard, which includes the numerical prefixes and roadway names. Historically, there were no addressing standards so occasionally established addresses must be changed to correlate with the improved model so that in the event of an emergency, responders can reference surrounding markers to identify what the location of the emergency is.

You may be told that your address will require a Private Road label. If your driveway is .25 mile long or more, and/or there are three or more structures sharing the driveway, it qualifies as a Private Road.

How long will it take to get an address?

Typically, addresses can be assigned within two weeks once the appropriate paperwork has been submitted. However, certain events can alter this time-frame such as inclement weather, holidays, etc.


If you have any other addressing questions, please contact us at director@pikemo911.org or (573) 324-6136 Option 7 or Ext. 3031.